How Red (Rooibos) Tea Boosts Your health

For the people of South Africa, red tea has long been a favorite natural remedy for various ailments. The name Rooibos is literally translated from Afrikaans as “red bush. ” This bush is selective as to where it grows and is found only in a small area of the Western Cape in South Africa, namely the Cederberg area. It is part of the fynbos family of this region.BOOST Original Nutritional Drink, Creamy Strawberry, 10g Protein, 6 - 8 fl  oz Bottles -

For generations the tea has been used as a home Red Boost  treatment and very few questioned it’s ability to relieve certain ailments. Scientific studies performed over recent years have proven many of these claims to be true. Rooibos tea is an infusion made with oxidized leaves of the rooibos plant. It contains two main flavonoids, aspalathin and nothofagin. Aspalathin is unique to rooibos while nothofagin may also be found in other plants. The aspalathin in rooibos have been shown to be more effective in getting rid of free radicals than the EGCG flavonoid found in green tea.

Rooibos tea is a favorite in a wide range of skin and beauty products because of its many therapeutic benefits for the skin. Traditionally Rooibos tea is enjoyed without milk and sweetened with honey or sugar. However, it does have a naturally sweet taste and a distinct nutty flavor. A “red espresso” is often enjoyed by the health conscious, which is a concentrated rooibos served in the ordinary style of espresso. A “green” rooibos tea is also available which has been shown to have more or less double the amount of anti-oxidants than the more popular red tea. It is also enjoyed as an iced tea, but a recent study conducted at the University of Stellenbosch have indicated that the brewed version of rooibos tea has more evidence of antioxidant activity than rooibos iced teas:

Not a single brand of commercially-available rooibos iced teas tested for phenolic quality (a large class of natural compounds found in colourful plants and with laboratory evidence of antioxidant activity – Wikepedia), compared favourably with a cup of brewed rooibos. Worse still, six of the eight brands tested showed not the slightest trace of aspalathin, the antioxidant unique to rooibos.

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