Tips for Dating Girls – Symptoms of a Mean Girl to Date


By reading these tips for dating girls, you are going to get your immune system sharpen when it comes to mean and nasty girls to date. Be very careful, they are all over the place trying to suck life out of you.

They’ve become the rule rather than the exception these days.

Mean girls are all over the place, wherever you go you are certain to find a girl who is nasty and highly mean to guys and other girls.

The situation gets more dangerous and risky when you are dating, you simply don’t know who is who!

A friend of mine was dating this highly gorgeous girl for a mouth and call girls in lahore suddenly she turned into a zombie on him, doing all kinds of crazy things, these are the most dangerous and the ones you should keep your guard from:

· The first of these tips for dating girls is a girl who plays the nice card should be paid attention to.

There are a lot of guys who are going to close this page or ignore this tip, it’s not fine, and they are going to regret it. One of the least expected traits of a mean girl is being “nice”. By nice, I mean saying great things to you every time, treating you with care, never wanting to upset you.

These are all nice things you should pay attention to! I’m serious, girls aren’t that way usually. How would a normal girl behave with you usually?

1. She would tease you
2. She would get upset from time to time
3. She would not answer your calls
4. She would give you a hard time attracting her

Of course she would behave nicely, but not all the time. Now, with a crazy, nasty girl, this will be a lot more different.

Because she has heard so many advices about behaving nicely and doing great things for others, she would overdo it and get you to believe that you’ve found a rare gem.

Don’t be fooled by looks.

· The second of these tips for dating girls is a nasty girl would want you to buy her stuff

This is the most known behavior of a mean girl; she is there to exploit you and to take advantage of you. These are girls we call usually gold diggers. They are so abundant!

To tell you the truth, every girl is a gold digger, girls want to have a guy who is capable of earning his life.

The problem is when these girls want a guy to afford them a life they won’t be able to afford for themselves, meaning that they want him to slave for them. This can be noticed immediately in a girl, she wants you to buy her stuff every time, she gets angry when you don’t do it. She keeps harassing you for paying her bills or even given her money.

· The third of these tips for dating girls is a nasty girl will use you as a dumpster

Yes, a dumpster, an emotional one.

This is the most dangerous one in my opinion because guys don’t know what to feel and what to do. She is talking to them and communicating when in fact she is using the guy as a shrink and loading him with her problems, this post: will show you some amazing ways to attract girls without getting hurt or abused.


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